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Adoption/Fostering Outreach

We are available for many types of speaking engagements and events pertaining to infertility, adoption, fostering and our family's journey:


• Keynote speech presentations
• Break-out session panel moderator/participation
• Break-out session presenter
• Support group moderator/presenter


We seek to share information with many types of organizations including:


• Schools
• Churches
• Adoption Agencies/advocacy organizations
• Support Groups
• Book Clubs
• Women's Groups
• Adoption/Infertility/Fostering Support Groups


In addition to speaking opportunities, we are also available to provide training (live, recorded or webinars – audio or live-feed) about any of the following topics:


1. Open Adoption: What Can We Expect?
2. Being Prepared for Birth Family Reunions
3. Adoption Networking: Is it For Us?
4. Transitioning from Infertility to Adoption
5. An Adult Adoptee's Perspective of Adoption
6. How Faith Can Play a Role in Adoption
7. ABCs of Foster Parenting
8. Biology or Adoption – Does it Matter?
9. Support during the adoption process
10. Adoption/Fostering During the Holidays
11. Choosing an Adoption Agency
12. Telling Your Child About Their Adoption
13. Adoption Triggers
14. Grief and Loss Associated With Adoption and Fostering


We are continuing to schedule dates for 2017. Please leave a message on our "Contact Us" tab if you are interested in further information or would like to discuss booking an event or training.