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100 Who Foster Care

100WFC is Chosen Inc.'s. fundraising campaign to raise monies for The Family Closet items that can only be distributed as brand new for liability reasons (i.e. Cribs, Car Seats, High Chairs, Changing Stations, Beds, Diapers, Baby Bottles, etc.)  Chosen's goal is to generate a budget for needs like these through 100WFC so that more children can be reached with these products and supplies.


100WFC works much like a pyramid except that in Chosen's pyramid, ONLY the kids win! The goal is to find 100 people, like yourselves, who would commit to a $50/month contribution for at least one year. When we have reached our goal, together we will have raised $96,000 to be used to purchase these much needed products matched to the fostering/adoptive community! This can be accomplished for $1.65/day, per contributor! How Does it Work? Our first goal is to find 10 people or businesses to commit to a $50/month contribution for at least 1 year. Once this is achieved, those 10 people are notified that our initial goal has been met and are asked to reach into their personal network to find 1 more person willing to make the $50/month commitment. When 20 committed people have joined, those 20 are asked to find one more. When 40 are reached, they are asked to reach out again to find 80 and so on.


You can join 100WFC right now by simply linking to the below "Donate Now" icon to start your monthly contribution. We will be communicating with you regularly to let you know how 100WFC is progressing. We anticipate this to be greatly successful and are excited to see the results of people coming together in community for a great common cause, kids.


$96,000 is a daunting number for any one of us, but is achievable at a rate of $1.65/per day if we simply ask those around us to help kids in need. Understandably, some may not be able to commit to $50/month. We would ask you to help them consider a lesser amount, just as others may wish to contribute more!




Chosen, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Financial contributions are tax-deductible; questions should be directed to a financial advisor.